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Art and memes contest

Art and memes contest

While we're working hard on our testnet app, help us bring awareness to the Skyward Finance platform.

Best way to spread the message is through art and memes. They capture eyes of the audience better than technical whitepapers (which you can read here).

And to reward you for the contributions, we'll give you a split of $NEAR and $SKYWARD tokens.


  1. Complete the Skyward Flight onboarding (so we know your telegram username and the twitter account, as well as near account to send the reward).
  2. Create your Art or make a Meme about Skyward Finance.
  3. Post it on twitter and tag @SkywardFinance
  4. Post it in our Skyward Flight telegram channel

Disclaimer: You should use your own art for this contest. You keep the rights to your content, but give the rights to Skyward Finance platform to use this content in marketing purposes.

P.S. If you can give us a warm intro to a NEAR project that may want to launch soon, please contact @sp3nsa or @d00mslug on Telegram and we'll be grateful.