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Atocha Protocol (ATO 5%) IDO

Atocha Protocol (ATO 5%) IDO

Token allocation and vesting period

5 million ATO (5%) will be sold with no vesting period. The tokens will be claimable right after the sale.


Atocha Protocol is THE blockchain for the puzzle game community, a one of its kind infrastructural tool for the creators to create puzzle games, players to solve puzzles and win rewards, and sponsors to commission customized puzzle games and advertise the brand and business. The tech is built to be accessible to many as Atocha is aiming to connect the Web2 puzzle game like HTML5 games to be integrated with the protocol. One of the unique business models that Atocha Protocol is building is that it empowers the Creator Economy through the Sponsor mechanism by bringing in revenue for the puzzle game creation to be part of the social marketing tool.


This is the game mechanism that the team has created to include the Creators, Players and Sponsors into the puzzle game.

Utilities / Use case

ATO is a native token for Atocha Protocol’s economy along with Atocha Points. Atocha Coin (ATO) will be used for gas fee, governance, puzzle rewards, good behavior rewards and yield farming. Atocha Points is the ecosystem credit scoring system that the users can earn by being an active participant and it is redeemable into Atocha Coin.

Basic Details of Atocha Coin

Ticker Symbol: ATO (Atocha Coin)
ATO Token Address (NEAR): atocha-token.near
ATO Token Address (Aurora): 0x2ab98d9ea81af20037af1a4f43cc3e6977545840

This is the token distribution chart of Atocha Coin for the genesis launch. A total supply of 100,000,000 ATO will be minted for the different usage as per the chart. 43% allocated for community use (including marketing and community), 22% allocated for investors (including Seed investors, Strategic investors, and IDO investors), 15% allocated for the team and lastly, 20% allocated for Octopus Network validator rewards (estimated to last for 4 years)

The token vesting for Atocha Coin will be as shown above. The total maximum circulating token supply upon the end of IDO will be 10%, amounting to 10,000,000 ATO. The parties that will be receiving ATO are: seed investors, strategic investors, IDO investors, and airdrop beneficiaries. The validator and team will be receiving their ATO allocation in monthly linear vesting.

Why choose Near?

First of all, the feasibility of launching an appchain on Octopus Network is affordable for projects which are starting small and bootstrapping. The LPoS consensus of Octopus Network has allowed the team to scale based on the growth of the community which makes sense for most startups. Next, we really love the supportive community that the Near ecosystem has to offer, especially the Near Guilds. Without the community support, the starting project may need more time to get established within the scene. Finally, the reason that we choose Near is robust and ever-improving technology by the team with its recent sharding technology and Near API JS. This could potentially bring limitless scalability for the protocol and the projects.

Source: https://atocha.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/atocha_protocol_architecture-01.png

This is how Atocha Protocol is positioned as the backend for all the different puzzle games Dapps that will going to be hosted on the protocol and engage a diverse user base. Not only that, Atocha Protocol is able to have the interoperability capability to cross its asset to other appchain, Near Protocol, or even Ethereum! FYI, Atocha Coin is a whitelisted asset on Aurora and can be easily crossed to Aurora Network and Ethereum through the Rainbow Bridge.


  • Skyward Deposit Period Starts - May 12
  • Skyward Sales Period Starts - May 18
  • ATO Distribution for Skyward Finance IDO participants - May 25
  • ATO Airdrop - May 25-30
  • Atocha Protocol Mainnet Launch - May 27

🛠️  May 2022: Ref Finance $ATO Listing
🛠️  Collaboration projects with Near Protocol ecosystem
🛠️  Onboard Brand Sponsors for Puzzle Games
🛠️  Setting Up Metaverse Puzzle Game with Collaborative Partners
🛠️  Atocha Protocol 2.0 NFT Puzzle Capability Development
🛠️  April 2022: NFT Whitelisting Campaign
🛠️  April 2022: NFT Minting

Q3 2022:

🛠️  Puzzle Game Guild Establishment

🛠️  Onboarding Puzzle Game Dapps

Q4 2022:

🛠️ Santa Treasure Hunting for Atocha Community

🛠️ Launching of Atocha Protocol Governance DAO on the native network

🛠️ 20 Sponsorship Partners onboarded


A team of 4 with 3 enthusiastic developers that have long experience in the Web2 world, venturing into the Web3 building with a passion for the puzzle game, Atocha Protocol is poised to become a global puzzle game platform that aims to serve millions of players. Laser focused on creating different infrastructural mechanism for the puzzle game creators so that the launching of a web3 puzzle game can be smooth and feasible, plus every IP created by them will be fully owned by themselves.

The team is expanding into different local communities (currently will be actively engaging in Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia) where it will become a stronghold for Atocha Protocol to realize its business model. With the two earning mechanisms in place (Create to Earn and Play to Earn), the team believes that it will be a piece of technology that could bring social and economic impact to the society.

Bringing this vision around the world, inspiring people’s curiosity through puzzle game!

Website: https://atocha.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtochaProtocol

Telegram: https://t.me/atochacommunity

Discord: https://discord.gg/QnMtSu7qT5

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/atocha/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/atochaprotocol

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeLhtnvXxgredExYklb1IhA

Medium: https://medium.com/@atochaprotocol