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August SKYWARD sale

August SKYWARD sale

The second SKYWARD sale starts in about 8 hours on August 1 at 00:00 UTC

Skyward Finance App
Skyward Finance is a fully permissionless open sourced launchpad that allows Projects to launch their tokens without any liquidity with the best price discovery mechanism that’s resistant to bots and sybil attacks.

The total of 20% (200,000) $SKYWARD will be sold over the sale period of 1 week.

The price discovery for each sale is independent from the previous sales. Meaning the price of $SKYWARD for this sale is determined based on the amount of NEAR deposited to this sale.

The current amount of NEAR deposited to the sale is 411,103.4 NEAR

This makes the current expected rate (which may change) for this sale:

1 SKYWARD =2.055517 NEAR

This creates a great opportunity to acquire $SKYWARD token at lower than Treasury price. More details about this opportunity is explained in the following post:

How does the Skyward Treasury work?
Example of sale #1: $SKYWARD Sales Let’s use the 25% $SKYWARD sale as an example. Imagine there was 1 Million NEARadded; thus, 1 million NEAR is a demand and 250,000 $SKYWARD is a supply. Forsimplicity, we will keep the demand fixed in this example. Once sale is over, and 250,000 $SKYWARD is sol…

Summary of $REF sale

The $REF token sales are almost over.

Total of 2,500,000 $REF was offered for sale and referral programs.

The sales are expected to collect the following amount of input tokens:

  • 767,000 NEAR
  • 496,000 nDAI
  • 102 nWETH

The Skyward Treasury is expected to receive 1% of input and 1% of output tokens:

  • 7,670 NEAR  (approximately 18408 USD)
  • 4,960 nDAI (approximately 4960 USD)
  • 1.02 nWETH (approximately 2500 USD)
  • 25,000 REF (approximately 23331 USD)

Total approximately 49199 USD

The current Treasury circulating supply is 240,730 SKYWARD. So the REF sale increased the value of every SKYWARD token by approximately 0.204 USD.

The first SKYWARD sale average rate was around 5.09 NEAR per SKYWARD or approximately 12.216 USD per SKYWARD (at current NEAR price).

It means the $REF sales increased the value of every $SKYWARD token by approximately 1.66% for a 5 day sale. It also diversified Skyward Treasury by including $REF, $nDAI and $nWETH tokens.