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Now the $TEST_SKYWARD sale is over. Thanks everyone for spending time testing the app and providing the feedback and comments.

To be able to claim real $SKYWARD, please head over to https://test.skyward.finance and complete the following steps:

  1. Click Green Claim button in the sale details page

2. Go to "Claim Mainnet $SKYWARD" page

3. Click "Link mainnet NEAR Wallet". It will redirect you to the mainnet wallet page. Complete the login flow in the wallet, you should be redirected back to the app. Make sure it shows your mainnet account (usually ends with .near).

4. Click "Lock $TEST_SKYWARD to get real $SKYWARD"

5. You’ve got it!

Please complete the process of locking TEST_SKYWARD by June 22, 2021.

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Disclaimer: The community $SKYWARD token distribution will start in one month after the first $SKYWARD sale.