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Token allocation and vesting period
200 million tokens (5%) sold with no vesting period. The tokens will become available right after the sale.

DEIP Token, the newest financial tool for the creator Economy. DEIP is a collective token project that targets digital designers, creators and artists who adopt the capacity to fund projects through the decentralised treasury system and governance mechanism. With a team that has a long history in full stack development and over 30 full time staffers, the DEIP group has created a powerful backbone for their ambitious project.

Utilities / Use case
DEIP is a native token of DEIP Creators’ economy protocol, being used for governance, staking and yield farming. As well as all the transactions within the DEIP network will be carried on using DEIP token.

Why choose Near?
Because DEIP is a part of the Near / Octopus ecosystem: DEIP is connected to NEAR through Octopus Network. DEIP became an appchain on Octopus Network. All the assets issued within the DEIP network are bridged to NEAR. Octopus brings its projects to the DEIP network and DEIP’s users. Additionally, connected platforms enable DEIP users to access the entire NEAR environment and projects, such as DeFi, NFT, DAO environments, etc.

⁃ Main Net launch - April 14
⁃ Skyward Deposit period starts - April 15
⁃ Skyward auction starts - April 22
⁃ Skyward tokens distribution - April 30
⁃ Tier 1 exchange listings - Q2 2022

The company started through the incubator Collective Intelligence Labs: a decentralised R&D incubator focused on the adoption of Web3 technologies. Heavily focused on the user experience, DEIP incorporates a multiplicity of DEFI  protocols with their native token, and offers users the possibility to register their assets as NFTs on the network. Imagine, an artist registering their NFT’s and staking them to self finance!

The company and its partners are convinced that this feature will create a “ deluge of new technologies, inventions, art, movies, music; but will also unlock the potential of global human capital and maximise the realisation of human potential.” What is unique about the protocol is its distribution and issuance cycles that set up the company for a 10 year build, guaranteeing the longevity of their treasury.

It looks like there is a new dawn for the independent digital creator community, and it starts with DEIP!

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