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Meta Pool Initial Dex Offering on Skyward Finance

Meta Pool Initial Dex Offering on Skyward Finance

Meta Pool is launching its initial dex offering (IDO) with 2.8% of its total supply on Skyward

The pre-sale period will start on December 7th at 4pm UTC and ends on December 15th at 4pm UTC, and the sale period will take place from December 15th until December 17th. You can deposit your stNEAR here.

Meta Pool is the first liquid staking solution for NEAR Protocol backed by community staking providers. Meta Pool’s staking dApp lets users stake their NEAR, in order to receive a liquid NEP-141 standard token they can use to participate in on-chain activities, like lending.

It launched on mainnet on August 23rd and currently has 2.96 million NEAR in Total Value Locked (Dec 9, 2021), making it one of the most important DeFi protocols on the NEAR Ecosystem.

Meta Pool’s mission is to solve problems that are associated with Proof-of-Stake networks, such as illiquidity, immovability and accessibility. Aiming to increase the liquidity of staked NEAR tokens, while distributing them across multiple validators to improve the censorship-resistance on NEAR.

By liberating staked NEAR funds, and enabling more on-chain activity, Meta Pool aims to make the NEAR protocol more valuable, while unlocking the growth potential of the NEAR DeFi ecosystem.

What is $META and what are the token utilities?

The $META token is Meta Pool’s native token. It is a fungible token on NEAR Protocol, that is used for the Governance of the Meta Pool protocol.

$META will have a total supply cap of 1 billion. $META currently has a circulating supply of around 11 million $META. The current IDO will launch 28 million more $META tokens and represents a premier opportunity for investors to get a hold of $META.

$META is a NEP-141 token that grants governance rights in the Meta Pool DAO. The Meta Pool DAO governs the staking contract, decides on key parameters (e.g., fees, grants and proposals) and executes protocol upgrades to ensure efficiency and stability.

By holding the $META token, one is granted voting rights within the Meta Pool DAO. The more $META a user holds, the greater the decision-making power the voter gets.

Token Distribution

The token distribution will be divided into 4 parties: the community, the founders, the investors, the team and investors. Each owns a lesser percentage than the last.

As of December 1st Meta Pool has already allocated 1.14% of token supply to the Meta Pool community, through our Community launch.

Tokens allocated to founders will have a 12 month lock up period and will be vested on daily linear release over 24 months.

Tokens allocated to investors will have 12 & 24 month lockup periods and will be vested over on a daily linear release of 12 & 24 months.

Tokens allocated to the team and advisors will have a 24 month lockup period and will be vested over a daily linear release of 12 months.

How are the funds of the IDO going to be used?

The resources from this IDO will be used to grow the team and move the project faster into a DAO. All funds will be deposited into the DAO treasury to support the regional communities of Meta Pool.

Funds will also be allocated to partners in order to support the adoption of stNEAR on DeFi platforms, like Launch pads, Automatic Market Makers, borrow & lending platforms and Decentralised Exchanges.

A significant portion will go into the security audits of their smart contracts by a third party, to ensure that the Meta Pool protocol contract-risk is minimal.

About the Team

Claudio Cossio: Product/Growth. Claudio is the leader of NEAR Hispano, the biggest near guild for all of Latin America

Lucio Tato: Tech/Architecture. Lucio is the creator of Narwallets chrome-extension wallet for the NEAR protocol.

Alan Estrada: Dev/Governance. Alan is a NEAR full-stack developer, collaborating with AstroDao and NEAR governance tools. He is a council member of the NEAR Hispano Guild and founder of the Nativo NFT Marketplace on NEAR.

Clara T: Operations Lead. Clara is in charge of community and marketing initiatives at Meta Pool.


Meta Pool Info

- Official Website:https://metapool.app/

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/meta_pool

- Discord: discord.com/invite/znPg3dsTzM

- Medium: https://medium.com/@meta_pool

-Github: https://github.com/Narwallets/meta-pool