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Skyward Finance is Live

Skyward Finance is Live

Skyward Finance is live on NEAR Protocol mainnet!

The first $SKYWARD sale starts in 7 days and will last for 1 week.

You can start adding your deposits here: https://app.skyward.finance/sale/0

The Skyward Finance contracts

  • skyward.near is the main contract. It owns 90% of $SKYWARD
  • token.skyward.near is the $SKYWARD fungible token contract.
  • Lockup contracts to distribute 10% of the $SKYWARD tokens to the early adopters, founders and the ecosystem.
  • The contracts are fully autonomous and don’t have any access keys on the accounts.
  • The accounts can’t be deleted or modified.
  • The contracts can’t be changed or upgraded.

The Ultimate Treasury

Skyward Finance Treasury is fully autonomous and is implemented as part of the main contract. It keeps the proceeds of $wNEAR from the $SKYWARD sales as well as 1% commissions from every other sale.

  • The Treasury is not controlled by a DAO or by the founders. No one has direct access to the Treasury.
  • $SKYWARD represents ownership of the Treasury.
  • You will be able to redeem the $SKYWARD token (burn it) to get the share of the Treasury. For example 1% of the current circulating supply of $SKYWARD gets you 1% of each token from the Treasury. So $SKYWARD has some guaranteed value.

Early adopters lockups

Everyone who participated in the early adopters programs such as Skyward Flight, Art and Memes contest or a Testnet sale will be able to claim your $SKYWARD tokens from the lockup contracts: https://app.skyward.finance/account/

Just sign in with your mainnet account.


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