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Skyward Finance Month in Review - November

Skyward Finance Month in Review - November

Hello to our awesome Skyward Finance community and fellow NEARians! We hope you all had an excellent November!

November has been an exciting and eventful month, as DeBio Network and AURORA both launched their IDOs on Skyward Finance to great success. These successful launches have encouraged us to work even harder in launching stellar projects that bring great value to the Near ecosystem!

With that in mind, we want to give our community a quick rundown on the exciting developments that happened for us in the month of November.

DeBio Network IDO Launch

Starting on November 14th, DeBio Network held its IDO on Skyward Finance, with 6.5% of their total supply available (a total 6.5 million $DBIO).

DeBio Network is an anonymous-first application-specific blockchain, aka appchain, for medical and bioinformatics data and services which aims to democratize direct-to-consumer genetics & biomedical testing, empower labs of all sizes, and provide anonymous first, at-home biomedical testing.

Over the course of the public sale of just one week, a total of $1.5 million was raised, with an average sale price of $0.23. We’re delighted with the success of their IDO and we’re looking forward to what’s to come in the future for DeBio Network.

Following their IDO on Skyward, DeBio provided a liquidity pool of USD 100k TVL of $wNEAR/$DBIO on Ref Finance. Soon thereafter, the $wNEAR/$DBIO farm was launched on the Ref allowing for holders to put their tokens to immediate use in earning double rewards of $DBIO and $REF.

But that’s not all, participants in the public sale also received airdrops of 1 $OCT for every 32.5 $DBIO bought, directly from the Octopus Network team.

With the overwhelming success of their IDO we’re looking forward to what’s to come in the future for DeBio Network.

Aurora IDO Launch

Not to be outdone, Aurora also launched their IDO on Skyward Finance in November, offering 650,000 tokens from their total token supply on November 17th.

Aurora is an EVM built on the NEAR Protocol, delivering a turn-key solution for developers to operate their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable and future-safe platform, with low transaction costs for users.

Their public sale was sold out by November 18th, with 581,293.3 $NEAR deposited for the IDO, with an average rate of 0.894305 $NEAR per 1 $fAURORA. This is a phenomenal return, and we’re delighted with how the IDO went!

Community members who bought tokens in the Aurora IDO can now earn staking rewards on the $AURORA/$wNEAR farm on Ref Finance which has been a great success with over 4.7 million USD staked.

Thanks for being a part of Skyward Finance in November — and keep a lookout for exciting new launches coming soon in December!

About Skyward

Skyward Finance’s mission is to enable fair token distribution and price discovery for projects built on NEAR Protocol via streaming time-based auctions that are accessible to the general public in a decentralized way, while being resistant to front-running, price manipulations, and sybil attacks.