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Testnet Application

Test Skyward Finance App is live on NEAR Protocol Testnet.
Testnet Application

We're excited to announce [TEST] Skyward Finance App is live on NEAR Protocol Testnet.

Earn real $SKYWARD

Please help us test Skyward Finance application and earn real $SKYWARD tokens. Participate in the "[TESTNET] 25% TEST_SKYWARD sale" and try to get as many $TEST_SKYWARD tokens as possible by the end of the sale.

The sale starts on June 16th, 2021 (UTC) and lasts for 3 days.

Once the sale ended, you'll be able to withdraw $TEST_SKYWARD tokens to your account on the testnet wallet. You'll be able to claim real mainnet $SKYWARD tokens based on the amount of $TEST_SKYWARD tokens you get during this 3 day sale event. We'll provide more details after the sale ends.

New referral system

You can also help us test the new referral system. Each sale will have your referral link at the bottom of the page:

Example of the referral link

Share your referral link with friends and you both will earn extra 0.5% of $TEST_SKYWARD tokens.

How to join the testnet sale

  1. Open [TEST] Skyward Finance App
  2. Click "Sign in with NEAR Wallet" button

3. Complete sign in with the NEAR Wallet. You should be redirected back to the app and see your account ID in the top right.

4. Click Deposit wNEAR

5. Choose the amount (go all in, of course by pressing MAX)

6. Click Deposit the chosen amount

This will redirect you to a wallet where you will need to "allow" this transaction

7. Done! Now you're in.